About me

My background is in journalism and we’re taught as journalists to be truthful and unbiased. I strive to bring those attributes to my designs. I want to be truthful to the ideas, concepts and stories I’m designing. I want to draw people into the story. I want to truthfully portray the story and to inform people on topics. I think being unbiased also works hand-in-hand with being inclusive. Truthfulness and inclusivity are so important to the world.

Inclusivity is something every workforce can benefit from. I walked by a meeting of a digital design department once and it was six men and one woman. I want to help other women get into the field and make sure their voices are heard. Every design gets better when there are diverse voices giving feedback, and for that to happen, the field needs to be more diverse.

I’ve always been interested in how things looked. From fashion to graphic design, I’ve had a passion for creating an aesthetic. Once I started learning more about design, I started appreciating that design is more than how something looks, it’s why it works. People may not always be able to notice good design, but they can certainly tell you about bad design. Design drives so much of the world we live in. From websites and apps, to branding and publications, people interact with design in so many ways every day. Good design can make someone’s day easier or more enjoyable, and in the current climate, everyone can benefit from that.